Do you own a property that you want to sell at the right price?

Sell ​​your property well :

We offer you the opportunity to sell your property quickly “by guaranteeing you the expected price”!
Take advantage of our unique and up-to-date network of buyers who wish to acquire a property in your region for their own use and which we put at your disposal!

Most :
– Free, precise and detailed estimate within 24 hours
– A single point of contact 7/7 days
– No binding contract
– Advertising campaign and 360 ° virtual tour of your property at no cost to you!

We take care of everything to your full discharge and accompany you to the notary.
Your satisfaction is our main priority!

Sell ​​your apartment to an investor :

Negative rates on bank accounts are starting to appear; financial markets falter; investors are increasingly interested in real estate!
Your property might interest them!
How to sell your apartment to an investor?

With our experience in the field of real estate investment for more than 10 years, we offer you the opportunity to present your real estate to our investor clients.
Ever more numerous, they rely on our expertise and trust us to acquire real estate in French-speaking Switzerland in order to then rent them out and thus make their invested equity profitable.

The regions that interest them:
– Canton of Vaud with the preference of towns and villages with amenities (shops, schools, public transport, CFF station).
– Canton of Geneva
– Neuchâtel coast (Vaumarcus, Sauges, Saint-Aubin, Gorgier, Bevaix, Cortaillod, Boudry, Colombier, Auvergnier, Corcelles, Neuchâtel, Marin-Epagnier …)
– Canton of Friborg with the same criteria as for the Canton of Vaud
– Canton of Valais: only Vouvry, Monthey and surroundings.

Challenge us, you won’t regret it !

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Present and active for years in the real estate market Vaud, we offer listening and availability to best serve your interests.